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General contacts:

  • +420 212 248 271
  • Husitská 853/13, 130 00 Praha (BitEffect head office)

Our branches

Money exchange and money transfers
Štěpánská 25, 11000 Praha 1
Mo-Fr 10-20
Company: ATE Alliance Trade s.r.o.

Seifertova 523, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov
Mo-Su 9-21
Company: Jutas s.r.o.

Florenc Prague Bus Station,
Check-in hall N-2, checkout 10
Křižíkova 6, 186 00 Praha 8
Mo-Su 8-19
Company: Vamaks international. s.r.o.

Peněžní převody
Husova 2783/28, 301 00 Plzeň
Mo-Fr 9-17, Sa-Su 10-18
Company: Cuong Quang Ta

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About Us

BitEffect is a financial company registered in the Czech Republic with a license from the Czech National Bank. The company launched its activities in 2018. The BitEffect payment system allows each user to have their personal payment account and send money instantly and safely. BitEffect operates as a bank, but faster and cheaper.

BitEffect payment account offer to their holders ample opportunities for financial transactions, as well as convenient ways to top up their account: by cash, card and bank transfer at any time of the day.

BitEffect company cooperates with a well-known and reliable company in the Czech Republic Sazka FTS a.s. Thanks to this partnership, users of the system can top up their accounts in more than 7000 branches of Sazka all over the Czech Republic 24h and  7 days.

Main services of the company:

  • Payment account
  • Money transfers in Europe
  • Money transfers from Czech Republic to Ukraine
  • BitEffect payment gateway

More information about the company, instructions for using the BitEffect system, financial world news and other interesting and useful information can be found in the company’s blog -

For access of third parties

For third-party access to the information system in accordance with the provisions of ch. 13 article 13.1. b) OP EBA/GL/2017/09 the authorized party needs to send a request by email to After verifying the third party access permission, our company will provide technical documentation with detailed instructions.