Страны большой семерки

G7 countries want to introduce minimum corporate tax

The G7 countries – the USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and France – are planning to sign an agreement on the introduction of a minimum corporate tax in the coming days. This agreement can be signed as early as May 28 during the online meeting of the G7 ministers. Details will be further...

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коронавирус в Индии

How Coronavirus in India is pouring into the world economy

The number of coronary diseases in India is just over the last week with more than 300 thousand. The country does not manage the...

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Working during coronavirus

Work during coronavirus has changed a lot

The coronavirus pandemic and related measures have had a significant impact on the labor market and work of every person. How has...

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Ипотеки в Чехии для молодых

Mortgages in the Czech Republic for young people

Literally 30 years ago, many families lived together, including young couples. Now, most young people are trying to acquire their...

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transfers Ria

Ria money transfers through BitEffect system

The Ria payment system has existed since 1987. The company offers users convenient money transfers around the world. From the beginning of 2021, Ria money transfers are available in the BitEffect system. Users can make transfers from the Czech Republic in three directions: Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. Registration and verification in the BitEffect system You...

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euro money transfer

How to send Ria money transfer

With BitEffect, you can send Ria money transfer with cash payout. If you still don’t have a BitEffect account –...

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GP Tom app

GP Tom app will replace payment terminals

Thanks to new technologies, applications in mobile phones will soon be able to completely replace payment terminals. The Czech...

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Чешская крона укрепилась

Czech crown strengthened against both dollar and euro

In autumn, the Czech crown strengthened against the background of the pandemic. Both in relation to the euro and the dollar. This...

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