frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions from BitEffect customers

The BitEffect payment system is as simple and convenient as possible for each client, but questions may arise during registration, verification or transaction. You can find answers to frequently asked questions below. REGISTRATION 1. What should I do if I do not receive an SMS to confirm my registration? SMS may not come for two...

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в Украину без комиссии

Money transfers to Ukraine WITHOUT COMMISSION

In connection with the martial law in Ukraine, more than 100,000 refugees have already arrived to the Czech Republic. Many want...

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Страховая компания VZP

Insurance company VZP will spend 7 billion on refugees

The coronavirus epidemic has greatly worsened the financial performance of the country’s main insurance company. But a...

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дорожный налог

Road tax in the Czech Republic has been abolished

Due to martial law in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic, fuel prices have risen sharply in the Czech Republic. The inflation...

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Коронавирус в 2022 году

Coronavirus in 2022 in the Czech Republic

The representative of the world health organization said that the coronavirus in 2022 may end. In the Czech Republic, the situation is improving. The number of cases of coronavirus infection is gradually decreasing. The first case of coronavirus infection was detected in the Czech Republic on March 1, 2020. Since that time, almost 4 million...

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Страстная пятница Пасхальный понедельник

Good Friday and Easter Monday in 2022

Today is April 15, which means a big holiday in the Czech Republic – Good Friday. Many Czechs look forward to the Easter...

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использование старых котлов

The ban on the use of old boilers has been postponed

Since the beginning of 2022, all news channels began to be full of warnings about the approaching time to replace old solid fuel...

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Повышение ставок в Чехии

An increase in rates in the Czech Republic by another 0.5 percentage point

The economic situation in the country is unstable. Inflation in the Czech Republic continues to rise. The war in Ukraine is also...

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