Czechs live abroad

Hundreds of thousands of Czechs live abroad

About 2.5 million Czechs origin currently live abroad. These are people who have or have had at least one Czech parent. Probably some of them don’t even have Czech citizenship. If we talk about people who directly have Czech citizenship and a Czech passport, who do not have another citizenship, but live abroad, then their...

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The Czech Republic won’t use euro in the near future

hTIn 2003, the Czech Republic had already committed itself to establishing the euro as a main currency. We are talking about the...

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More than half of Czechs continue to save in 2023

According to statistics, more than half of Czechs limit themselves in spending in recent months. Basically, this is a refusal to...

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The number of refugees

The number of refugees in Europe has reached 8 million since the beginning of the war

According to the UN, the number of refugees with temporary protection status in Europe has exceeded 8 million. This is the...

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Ropa v Česku

Oil in the Czech Republic: prices, stocks, supply and demand

Analysts fear a decline in demand for oil due to a slowdown in the global economy and not only. How changes in the market affect oil in the Czech Republic, let’s try to figure it out in this article. Market Forecasts Oil price forecast for 2023 lowered by Goldman Sachs. In early 2023, an oversupply...

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Gas prices

Gas prices in Europe are falling

Gas prices in Europe fell below $750 for the first time since February 2022. The exchange price of gas at the opening of trading...

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Czech economy in 2023

The Czech economy will suffer the most from the crisis in Europe. From the forecast of the European Commission, we see that the...

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money transfers in 2022

Money transfers in 2022 – current statistics

Today, money transfers are a natural and important process in the economy. The World Bank annually calculates the total amount of...

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