ипотека в Чехии

Mortgage rate in the Czech Republic fell

Throughout 2020, mortgage rate in the Czech Republic has been falling. By the end of the year, experts were confident that this recession would end. But in January 2021, interest in mortgages did not subside. Thus, mortgage rate in the Czech Republic fell even more. Mortgage loan specialist Jiri Sikora said that the average mortgage...

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Valentine's Day

Spending on Valentine’s Day has decreased

Back in 2020, February 14 was celebrated festively in restaurants, bought flowers and traveled freely around the world. But this...

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как купить криптовалюту

How to buy cryptocurrency – 4 tips

Thinking about buying cryptocurrency, but don’t know which one to choose and how to buy it? In this article, we will share...

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новая система компенсаций

Government approved a new compensation system

On February 8, the government approved a new compensation system for entrepreneurs and companies affected by the effects of the...

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ČSOB charged customers twice

On Friday, clients of the Czech bank ČSOB noticed that the bank charged transaction fees twice. The bank claims that it was a technical problem and the money will be returned within a week. The biggest fear of credit card users is that money can be accidentally written off. This is exactly what happened on...

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Чешская крона укрепилась

Czech crown strengthened against both dollar and euro

In autumn, the Czech crown strengthened against the background of the pandemic. Both in relation to the euro and the dollar. This...

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лимит на оплату наличными

The European Commission wants to introduce a limit on cash payments

The European Commission wants to impose a limit on cash payments in the EU due to a lot of money laundering. According to the...

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Инфляция в Чехии

Inflation in Czech Republic hit the poor people

Last year’s inflation in the Czech Republic (3%) was the fastest rise in prices for Czechs in the last decade. Not everyone...

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