czech post

Czech Post will close 300 branches and lay off 1,600 employees

The state-owned Czech Post company will close 300 of its branches, which is about a tenth of the current total. Branches are located in dozens of cities across the country. The Post Office will also lay off about 1,600 of its current employees. This is due to serious economic problems, economic losses in recent years...

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National Heritage Institute about the new season

After the traditional winter holidays, a new tourist season has begun in the Czech Republic. Castles, chateaux and other cultural...

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Hello bank!

Hello bank! announced its withdrawal from the Czech market

Hello bank! decided to stop its activities in the Czech Republic. The process will take several months. As of Monday, April 3,...

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prezident ČR Petr Pavel

The new President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, has assumed the post

The new President of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, officially took office after his inauguration in Prague Castle. The...

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Easter Czech Republic

Easter in the Czech Republic is four days off and the second of the most exciting events of the annual shopping

Easter is approaching in the Czech Republic and all over Central and Western Europe. This is an expected and very popular spring festival. Initially, it originated from the Christian tradition – these are the days when believers remember the ancient agony in the form of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Later, a couple of days...

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Czechs live abroad

Hundreds of thousands of Czechs live abroad

About 2.5 million Czechs origin currently live abroad. These are people who have or have had at least one Czech parent. Probably...

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The Czech Republic won’t use euro in the near future

hTIn 2003, the Czech Republic had already committed itself to establishing the euro as a main currency. We are talking about the...

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More than half of Czechs continue to save in 2023

According to statistics, more than half of Czechs limit themselves in spending in recent months. Basically, this is a refusal to...

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