Corona crisis: economic results and prediction

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected 213 countries and regions. And, in addition to the continuing danger of the spread of the virus, there are economic and social consequences that inexorably affect the life of society. Quarantines, restrictive measures, business shutdowns, border closures – all this – will certainly hit even the most stable economy....

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Взрыв в Бейруте

Explosion in Beirut – economic consequences

The biggest economic crisis since 1990 overtook Lebanon in 2019. The country’s economy has been in decline in recent years,...

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The most stable and unstable currencies in the world

There are many economic and political factors that affect currency stability. Among them are the actions of central banks in...

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Trade war between the USA and China

Today, on the media regularly appears the topics about tensions between the USA and China. Any additional duties, taxes,...

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USA and Iran – who will pay for it?

On the agenda of all news portals is the conflict between the US and Iran. News agencies in anticipation of new causes and circumstances of the conflict, people in anticipation of what will happen next. Such events, of course, affect the global economy. Moreover, the Iran-US conflict is fraught with some kind of threat. The...

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Registration in the BitEffect system

For registration in the BitEffect system and further using it is necessary to do a few simple steps. Registration in the...

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mastercard money transfer penezni prevody

Money transfers to any MasterCard around the world

MasterCard is one of the most popular and widespread in the world. It belongs to the international type and pleases its owners...

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How to make a money transfer without verification

With BitEffect, it is possible to send money transfers without verification worldwide . For registered users who have not...

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