BitEffect company looking for agents

If you have an exchange office or if you want to offer your customers a money transfer service around the world- we are looking for you!

For us, an agent is an important and valuable partner that registers, verifies, accepts payments, disburses funds to customers, and implements money transfers within the BitEffect system.

How it works?

When a person wants to send funds from the Czech Republic to any other country, he comes to your office. To complete this transaction, the client just needs to be registered in the BitEffect system. The client can already have his personal account in the system, or you can register it right on the spot.

The registration and verification process does not take more than 5 minutes. In addition, our managers will train your staff to work with the system. They will also provide template questionnaires and show with an example how it all works.

Using the system, as well as all other aspects of cooperation, do not cost the agent anything. The client, for sending funds, pays the agent 1-2% of the amount sent. We carry out recalculation once a week. The agent can see all payments in the system and monitor his money online.

To start work and expand the list of your services, you just need to submit an application on our website You can also write to us directly by e-mail or call +420 212 248 271.

BitEffect provides its agents with full information and marketing support. We are ready to prepare any advertising materials for you, as well as tell potential and existing users of the BitEffect system about a new point from where they can physically conduct financial transactions.

BitEffect company looking for agents