Refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic: registration, state payments, work

From February 24, around 100,000 refugees from Ukraine have already arrived to the Czech Republic. The number is inaccurate, the influx of refugees is still expected. The Czech police have already registered about 55,000 people. Mostly women with children and the elderly.

In total, about one and a half million people managed to escape. Refugees from Ukraine mainly stay in countries bordering Ukraine: in Poland, Moldova and Hungary. In Poland alone, the number of refugees is already approaching 1,000,000.

Registration with the police. Many centers are full

Since many police offices for foreigners are completely full and do not have time to serve everyone, refugees from Ukraine can register within 30 days, not the classic three. The most loaded centers are in Prague, so refugees are offered registration in other cities and regions of the CR.

Foreigners with student, work and other visas are asked, if possible, not to visit police offices and reschedule appointments to a later date.

Refugees from Ukraine

Benefits up to 5000 CZK

Refugees from Ukraine can receive humanitarian aid from the Czech state to cover their basic needs. The amount of the payment will be 5,000 crowns, which must be paid by the end of May 2022. The government expects that the total cost of this assistance will be about 3 billion crowns, taking into account the total number of refugees – 200,000 people.

Financial assistance will be provided to all refugees from Ukraine who arrived in the country after February 24 and received a residence permit in the Czech Republic. The Minister of Labor of the Czech Republic did not elaborate on the details, and added that the law is being finalized and may be amended.

Moreover, families that have accepted refugees into their houses and apartments for living (for a period of at least 7 days) can also receive assistance from the state. The amount will vary from 1000 to 5000 crowns per person and is paid in the months: March, April, May. To get help, you need to apply at the regional employment office. The estimated costs of the state in this area will be about 150 million CZK. It is likely that part of the costs will be compensated by other European states, which the Czech government plans to turn to for help.

Refugees from Ukraine

Can refugees from Ukraine work in the Czech Republic?

Refugees from Ukraine who have received a refugee visa (in Czech – vízum ke strpění) will soon be able to work on the territory of the Czech Republic without a work permit. According to the Ministry of the Interior, those who wish will also have the opportunity to requalify.

In some areas there are no free workers at all, while others are already talking about the possibility of hiring thousands of Ukrainians. For example, the Forest Chamber of the Czech Republic supports the employment of refugees from Ukraine. According to preliminary estimates, the forestry and woodworking industry can provide jobs for about twenty thousand people.

The Ministry of Agriculture also published information that about 50,000 people will be able to work in agriculture, food, forestry and related fields.

In addition to official government agencies, small business owners are ready to offer assistance in finding employment. On the Internet, social networks, you can find many vacancies, both for women and for men. People are required to help with housework, such as cleaning or ironing, in beauty salons, at a construction site.