Ria money transfers through BitEffect system

The Ria payment system has existed since 1987. The company offers users convenient money transfers around the world. From the beginning of 2021, Ria money transfers are available in the BitEffect system. Users can make transfers from the Czech Republic in three directions: Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

Registration and verification in the BitEffect system

You can send a money transfer to Ria online through the personal account of the BitEffect user. To do this, you need to register and go through the verification process. After registration, it is possible to confirm your email and upload an identity document. After these simple steps, Ria translations online are available to each user.

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Ria money transfers through BitEffect offices

Bitefect users can make transfers offline, at main office or at partners offices. BitEffect partners are located throughout the Czech Republic, you can find the nearest office on the map.

In addition to direct translations at the office, you can register in the system and go through verification process. For many, personal verification is much easier, as it does not require additional sending of documents, bank transfers and other identity documents. In case of personal verification, it is enough to have only a foreign passport with you.

For those for whom the online money transfer system is new and incomprehensible, our managers provide consulting support. Users can already send the following transfers quickly and conveniently online using a computer or phone.

Ria transfers

Three recipient countries

Users can send money by RIA in three directions: Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. To do this, click on the Ria Money Transfers icon in the system, select the desired direction and fill in the required fields.

When sending funds through the company’s office, it is enough to tell the recipient country to the manager and confirm the data after filling in all the fields. BitEffect managers speak English, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian and French.

Currency, crediting of funds

Money transfers are available in euro currency with cash payment. This means that the recipient can go to one of Ria’s many payout points and receive the money. If the recipient has a bank account, then he can transfer funds online to his account / card. In this case, there is no longer the need for a personal presence at the Ria office.

Transferred funds credits to the recipient instantly. Payment does not depend on the time of day or on the recipient country. Immediately after the transfer of funds, the recipient can get their money at the Ria office. To receive funds, it is possible to have an international passport and a unique transfer code with you.

The commission is paid by the sender for the realized transfer. Before the funds are sent, the sender has access to information about the transfer commission: how much will be received, taking into account the transfer commission. BitEffect guarantees a one-time set commission with no hidden fees.

The user can top up the BitEffect account in a convenient way, also online or offline in the company’s offices. You can top up your account both in euros and in Czech crowns. Currency exchange is available within the system at a favorable rate.

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Ria transfers

Ria company

Ria is one of the largest money transfer services in the world. The company currently has 447,000 service points in 160 countries around the world! In addition to money transfers, Ria also provides bill payment, mobile top-up, prepaid debit cards and check cashing services. The company is known for its positive approach to each client and high-quality standards of services provided. For us, it is a reliable partner, thanks to which our clients will be able to choose a convenient and profitable method of money transfers.

RIA was founded with the simple mission of helping expatriate workers send money to their families and friends. At first it was a small office in New York, where money was sent only in one direction – to the Republic of the Dominican Republic. But every day the need for transfers to different countries grew. 30 years later, RIA has more than 400,000 locations worldwide. But even after so many years, the main task of translations is not lost. The company believes that this is not just money, but a piece of care that can be sent anywhere in the world. Therefore, RIA takes care of every step of the transfer of funds. People trust them with their earned money and can be sure that the transfer will be successful, fast and safe.