Transfers to Ukraine – easy, fast and profitable

Many of us need to transfer money home. For some it was once, while someone sends money systematically, every month or more often. BitEffect company offers users of the BitEffect payment system the possibility of safe money transfers to Ukraine to the recipient’s card. The company has been operating and developing in the Czech market for two years and now offers its customers the most favorable conditions for financial transactions.

Don’t be afraid of the phrase “payment system”. This is just an account for the user, which means for the client his own account in the company, which can be replenished with cash, and then dispose of them at his discretion.

Money transfers do not take more than 5 minutes. Money is credited to the recipient’s card instantly. BitEffect company works with all banks of Ukraine, therefore, for the transfer, it’s enough to know the number and name of the card.

Transfers to Ukraine

Money transfers to Ukraine – conditions

At the moment, the company offers the following conditions to all new users:

  • 1% transaction fee. Commissions do not increase from the amount or from other factors, you can always be sure of the stability of the company’s fees for financial transactions. Moreover, when filling out transaction data, the system will calculate both the amount of the commission and the current currency transfer rate.
  • one of the most profitable courses in the Czech Republic. To transfer money from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, people often have to change the Czech koruna or Euro to Ukrainian hryvnia. For a money transfer through the BitEffect system, you do not need to go to the exchange office and look for a rate that is favorable to you. You can change money directly inside the system at a very favorable rate. You can view the current course on the company’s website online.
  • crediting funds to a BitEffect account, conducting a transaction, crediting funds to the beneficiary’s card in Ukraine and the ability to cash them out at any time of the day, regardless of the working days and hours of work of banks.


To send money transfers in the system, you need to go through the verification process. So, to do this, you need to provide the company with two documents proving your identity. This procedure is dictated by law, but does not take users more than 10 minutes.

However, for many, this procedure is quite complicated, especially for those who have never used similar systems. That is why BitEffect provides the opportunity to go through the verification process personally in the offices of the company’s partners. You can read more about the verification process in the company’s blog.

In conclusion, the company and the BitEffect payment system works like a bank, only much cheaper for its customers.

Fund the account

You can fund your personal account in the BitEffect system in three ways, among which:

  • replenishment in cash. Find the nearest office or terminal of the company SAZKA, which is a faithful partner of the company. Since the company SAZKA has more than 7500 points throughout the Republic, you will definitely not have problems with this. 1500 of them work around the clock.
  • replenishment by bank transfer. From any bank, you can transfer funds to your BitEffect account.
  • by credit card.

Register in the system for free and explore all the financial opportunities that it offers. For all questions, you can contact the managers of the company.