BitEffect is a member of the Czech fintech association CEFTAS

In October 2022, the BitEffect payment system becomes a member of the Czech fintech association CEFTAS, along with the largest financial organizations. The incentive to join the ranks of the association was shared goals and a similar vision of the development of the Czech and world financial markets.

Czech fintech association


The main goal of CEFTAS is to stimulate innovation in the financial sector, as well as create favorable conditions for development without unnecessary bureaucracy and other problems. By joining the association, our company opens up new ways of development, options for profitable cooperation, and most importantly, the opportunity to be part of the development of financial technologies.

BitEffect is a financial company that allows you to send instant money transfers online and offline around the world. The system is available to any, even inexperienced, user, and a low commission allows you to make transfers as profitably as possible. We hope that membership in the Czech association CEFTAS will allow us to share experience with members of the association and participate in the development of the Czech payment market.