Easter in the Czech Republic is four days off and the second of the most exciting events of the annual shopping

Easter is approaching in the Czech Republic and all over Central and Western Europe. This is an expected and very popular spring festival. Initially, it originated from the Christian tradition – these are the days when believers remember the ancient agony in the form of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Later, a couple of days later, a miracle happened. Jesus, the symbol of the Christian religion and the herald of the new faith, has risen from the dead.

In addition to religious traditions, people also celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring. First of all, the awakening of nature, trees and flowers, the return of the sun and warmth. Spring is the time of the birth of cubs in animals in nature and on farms.

Easter in the Czech Republic in 2023

The countries of Central and Western Europe mostly follow the established traditions of the Catholic Church. The duration of Easter holidays varies. It follows the full moon, and every year Easter falls on a different date. Easter is always the first Sunday of the first spring full moon. This year Easter in the Czech Republic will be celebrated from 7 to 10 April. Friday and Monday are public holidays, so adults will have the so-called “long weekend”. Four days of continuous rest. From April 6, Easter holidays will begin for children in schools. So the Czechs have an extra day off.

In the Czech Republic, Easter is a very popular holiday. This is the second most popular holiday after winter Christmas. People gather with their loved ones, with a large family, enjoy free days, eat festive dishes, paint Easter eggs, bake sweet lambs, on Easter Monday they go to visit friends and acquaintances “for carols” with pomp.

Traders are also very excited about the Easter holidays. And this is because for them this period means a huge increase in sales. This is the second peak of the shopping season for the whole year. The first falls on Christmas, and the second on Easter. During Christmas, people buy gifts under the Christmas tree for loved ones, as well as festive food. No one buys material gifts at Easter, but people spend a lot of money on food for the feast.

“Easter is the second most important time of the year for traders. Sales before these holidays are the second largest in the year immediately after Christmas. Stores are bursting at the seams mainly on Thursday and Friday. Sales for these two days alone amount to tens of millions of crowns. This is three to four times more than in other normal weeks of the year,” was written on irozhlas.cz .

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Easter Czech Republic