Good Friday and Easter Monday in 2022

Today is April 15, which means a big holiday in the Czech Republic – Good Friday. Many Czechs look forward to the Easter holidays all year long and plan ahead for a little vacation or family time. Easter Monday in 2022 falls on Monday 18 April.

Good Friday, as a national holiday, was canceled back in the 50s, but 6 years ago the situation changed. Good Friday is again recognized as a national holiday, so some companies and shops do not work on this day. On Friday 2022, all large and small shops will operate as usual, as on other weekdays and non-holidays. On Monday, almost all shops, on the contrary, will be closed.

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Due to the military situation in Ukraine and the large number of refugees in the Czech Republic, stores are not required to close their doors to visitors on Easter Monday, but none of the chains has shown a desire to take advantage of this opportunity. Therefore, it is better to make purchases in advance so that on Monday you do not waste time looking for at least one open store. On weekends, on Saturday and Sunday, shops will also be open.

According to the law of the Czech Republic, all shops whose area exceeds 200 square meters on Easter Monday must be closed. But since the state of emergency is in effect in the country, all stores can remain open. Small shops (up to 200 square meters), gas stations, shops at railway or bus stations, airports or medical institutions, pharmacies and casinos may also operate. Pawnshops, bazaars and garbage collection points must be closed on April 18, regardless of the size of their sales area.

Easter Monday