Answers to frequently asked questions from BitEffect customers

The BitEffect payment system is as simple and convenient as possible for each client, but questions may arise during registration, verification or transaction. You can find answers to frequently asked questions below.

frequently asked questions


1. What should I do if I do not receive an SMS to confirm my registration?
SMS may not come for two reasons: problems on the provider’s side or an error in the phone number. In the first case, try again a little later. In the second case, check the spelling of the phone number in the system. Please note that you must enter the country code. To change the number in the system, write to

2. I can’t login after registration. What to do?
You can enter your personal account in three ways, via e-mail, phone number or ID. Choose the correct option.

If you select the login option via ID, but enter your e-mail or phone number in the “Login” field, the system will show a login error. After three unsuccessful attempts, your account will be blocked. Try again a little later.

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?”, enter your e-mail, phone number or ID and create a new password to log in.

frequently asked questions


3. Is it necessary to pass verification?
Yes, without verification you cannot make transactions in the BitEffect system.

4. What is verification?
Verification is a procedure for checking the authenticity of your profile. To verify your account, you need to provide your documents.

5. How to get verified?
There are three ways: personal verification at the office of the company or at the office of representatives, online verification and online verification for Ukrainian citizens residing in the Czech Republic.

6. What documents are needed for verification at the office?
Only a passport

7. Is it possible to pass verification without a passport?

8. What documents are required for online verification?
Passport and another identity document. You also need to have a EUROPEAN bank account and transfer 25 krowns or 1 euro from it to your BitEffect account

9. I am a citizen of Ukraine and live in the Czech Republic. How can I get verified?
For verification, contact our manager in the Viber messenger by phone +420776630814. For verification, you need a passport and registration.

10. How fast can I get verified?
Within 24 hours after uploading all the documents and receiving 1 euro or 25 krowns to your account, the manager will verify your account.

11. If I am not in the Czech Republic, but in another European country, can I open a BitEffect account?

Yes, for this you need to upload two identification documents to the system and send 1 euro from your personal account in a European bank to your BitEffect account

frequently asked questions


12. Where is the BitEffect office?
Our address: Husitská 13, Praha 3. You can also open a BitEffect account, go through verification, replenish your account and send money at the representatives’ office.

13. How can I find the nearest representative’s office?
Contacts for representatives and addresses can be found on our website.


14. How to replenish the account?
You can fund your BitEffect account by cash, card or bank transfer.

You can top up your account with cash in three ways:

  1. Through Sazka offices
  2. At the company’s headquarters at Husitská 13, Praha 3
  3. In the office of company representatives. Contacts here.

Bank transfer CZK
To do this, click on the button My Accounts and Fund Account on the left panel of your personal account.
Click on the Deposit by bank transfer (CZK) icon.
You will see account details and a variable symbol to which you can transfer funds.

Bank transfer EUR
To do this, click on the button My Accounts and Fund Account on the left panel of your personal account.
Click on the SEPA icon – Account details (EUR).
Next, you will see the details of your BitEffect account, to which you can send money.

15. How can I top up my account through the Sazka office?

To top up your BitEffect account through Sazka office, go to your personal account, click the My Accounts button on the left panel and then the Fund Account button and top up Account via Sazka (CZK) terminals.

Enter the amount and click the Confirm button.

The system will then generate a QR code for you. Provide it to a Sazka employee in electronic or printed form. The account will be replenished within a few minutes.

16. Where can I find the nearest Sazka office to top up my account?
The nearest office can be found on the map. Enter the city where you are located and select the Platba faktur service.

17. Is it possible to pass verification and send a money transfer at the Sazka office?

18. I topped up my account incorrectly / without verification. Can I get my money back?
Yes, contact our managers by e-mail


19. How quickly funds are credited to the recipient’s account/card

Instantly. Only in the case of a bank transfer, the transfer depends on the beneficiary’s bank.


20. Do I need to provide proof of the source of funds?

Yes, if the turnover limit of 10,000 euros is exceeded.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us at +420 212 248 271 or by e-mail