Hundreds of thousands of Czechs live abroad

About 2.5 million Czechs origin currently live abroad. These are people who have or have had at least one Czech parent. Probably some of them don’t even have Czech citizenship. If we talk about people who directly have Czech citizenship and a Czech passport, who do not have another citizenship, but live abroad, then their number is about 300,000 people. This statistics and assessment were provided by the State Department.

The strongest expatriate Czech community lives in the United States. According to the online magazine there are approximately 1.7 million of them. About 100,000 Czechs live in the UK and Canada. Croatia is also a popular country for moving among Czechs. Of course, one of the motivations for moving is the sea and a pleasant climate, thanks to which this country has a very good reputation among the Czech population. About 8000 Czechs currently live in Croatia on a permanent basis. But also in terms of spending short-term summer holidays with the Czechs, Croatia is the most popular destination.

Currently, there are about 280 Czech expatriate associations located in more than 50 countries around the world. This was stated in 2017 by Mikaela Lagronova, former press secretary of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry regularly directs contributions from its budget for their support, the development of Czech culture, traditions and the maintenance of the language in these communities and countries. The amounts of such financial support reach tens of millions of dollars every year. In addition to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, large Czech associations and communities also exist in Germany, Romania, Ukraine, as well as in many other countries, including South American countries, Australia and Indonesia.

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Czechs live abroad