Coronavirus and tourism in the Czech Republic

Tourism is an important economic area that has grown and developed faster than many other important areas around the world. The borders between countries became less and less visible, the interest of people to explore new countries grew rapidly. Back in 2019, experts predicted the further development of the tourism sector to an incredible scale, but with the advent of the Coronavirus, the situation has changed dramatically.

Tourism is now the area that has faced the most bans due to the pandemic, and therefore the biggest losses. All over the world, the number of travelers was declining, and with it the number of jobs and incomes.

Coronavirus and tourism

Coronavirus and tourism in the Czech Republic

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, the tourism industry in the Czech Republic has suffered heavy losses. The share of tourism in the structure of the gross domestic product has decreased. If before the crisis the share was 2.8%, then in 2020 it fell to 1.48%. The losses amounted to almost 85 billion crowns.

The number of tourist visits to the Czech Republic in 2020 has decreased significantly. The decline in the indicator was more than 70%. The total volume of demand in financial terms amounted to almost 136 billion crowns.

Citizens of the Czech Republic during the pandemic traveled a lot within the country. In 2020, the number of trips was 63 million or 86.9 billion crowns.

Inbound tourism lost in terms of domestic tourism. Their shares in the total income amounted to 36:64 percent respectively.

Employment in the tourism sector also fell to 4.16%. Employment in 2020 was only 22 thousand people, or in percentage terms – only 7.3%.

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