GP Tom app will replace payment terminals

Thanks to new technologies, applications in mobile phones will soon be able to completely replace payment terminals. The Czech Republic is one of the first countries in Europe to be able to accept card payments by mobile phone. Thus, it will be possible to completely abandon the payment terminals we are used to. Does this mean the end of their existence?

GP Tom app

The world leader in the field of payment technologies Global Payments has developed a new payment application in cooperation with Česka spořitelnoa, VISA and MasterCard. Thanks to him, it will be possible to make payments without a terminal, having a special application on the phone.

Payment can be made by card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Many are already interested in this new product and are eagerly awaiting the connection of the new function.

We are the first on the market to launch such an application in Central Europe. Thus, we quickly respond to the growing interest in card payments and help business owners to allow their customers to pay with their cards comfortably,” said Igor Zhganier, CEO of Global Payments.

The app that will allow merchants to replace payment terminals is called GP Tom. To use it, you need to have Android 8 (or newer) with an NFC chip. Payment is accepted wherever a signal is received. Payments through the GP Tom app can be tracked for 90 days. The receipt can be sent by SMS, e-mail or viewed using a QR code. Application security at the same level as terminals. GP Tom can also be linked to a cash register.

GP Tom app

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People pays by card more often

Due to the coronavirus, Czechs began to use bank cards more and have reduced cash payments as much as possible. Thus, last spring, the Czechs paid 198 billion crowns with cards, which is 5% more than in 2019. Since cash can carry coronavirus and not only, many restaurants, logistics companies, online stores indicate on the site that they prefer to pay by card.

Almost all banks in the Czech Republic have connected Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Thanks to it, bank cards can be loaded directly into the phone and made payments even without a physical card. Contactless payment is not only convenient, but also safe. If the phone is stolen, the burglar’s ability to spend money will be less than if a wallet with physical bank cards is stolen.