The number of refugees in Europe has reached 8 million since the beginning of the war

According to the UN, the number of refugees with temporary protection status in Europe has exceeded 8 million. This is the largest wave of refugees in Europe since World War II, with most of them now in the European Union. These numbers will rise with the duration and severity of the war.

From the beginning of the war to the present day, 4.95 million people have been recorded in Europe. They are registered with national refugee protection programs. EU countries can grant either European temporary protection or a similar status under national law.

The directive guarantees the right to housing, social and medical assistance, makes it possible to find a job, open a bank account and send children to study. It should be noted that the biometric passport of a citizen of Ukraine allows you to stay in the EU for 90 days. Ukrainians who have not used temporary protection during this time are considered tourists and must leave the Schengen area.

According to statistics, the number of refugees in Poland is more than 1.5 million. Many Ukrainians received the status of refugees in the Czech Republic – 475 thousand people.

According to the UNHCR, since February 24, 2022, 17 million people have crossed the border with Ukraine. But in the opposite direction – 9.2 million.

In the medium term, refugees can boost economic growth and tax revenues. According to analysts, Ukrainian refugees can increase the labor force in Europe by 0.6% by spring 2023.

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The number of refugees

Ukrainian children in Czech schools

The war forced millions of women to leave their homes and flee from shelling. Many women run with small children in their arms. It is very difficult for these women in a foreign country, with a foreign language and without native people nearby.

The question of placing children in school arises immediately. In schools, children are welcomed and supported in difficult times. For most children, the adjustment is easy, and many notice that studying in Europe seems easier. Without knowledge of the language, schoolchildren are left for the second year to consolidate and learn the language.

At the Czech language lesson, students are divided into groups, and while Ukrainians are learning the basics of the language, Czech students are studying an in-depth program. Some schools even give out a tablet with a translator. However, some schools are overloaded.

Only about 16 percent of children devote two hours a day to Czech language lessons at school. The rest of the children learn Czech less or do not go to school at all.

According to statistics, it is in the southern part of the Czech Republic that there are 5 or more Ukrainian children in school classes. While a separate Ukrainian school was opened in the central Czech Republic.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there is one Ukrainian refugee for every eighth inhabitant in the southern Czech Republic. School statistics also confirm this: out of about 800 students, 70 are children from Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainians, the decision to leave was the most difficult to make. However, the choice in favor of personal safety and the safety of their children is obvious.

The number of refugees