70% of Czechs support cafes and restaurants

According to a poll by “Up Česká republika” 70% of Czechs support their favorite coffee shops, restaurants and pubs. This is a quarter more than it was during the first wave of the pandemic in spring 2020. Czechs order food or drinks through special windows, and also use home delivery. In this way they support public institutions.

Up Česká Republika is a branch of the international company Up Group. She specializes in employee benefits for both private and public sectors. Up Česká Republika provides paper and electronic food vouchers, as well as vouchers for leisure activities in the fields of culture, sports, education, healthcare, travel, recreation, book purchases. Currently Up Česká Republika has about 300,000 users.

According to the poll “Up Česká Republika”, 45% of Czechs support restaurants and order food during quarantine. Of these, about 14% use only delivery windows, another 15% prefer to use food delivery and the remaining 15% combine these 2 options.

Czechs support

Many visitors to cafes and restaurants share photos on social networks with the hashtag: #podporujeme. In this way, the percentage of people supporting small and medium-sized businesses grows during quarantine.

Before the declaration of the state of emergency, more than a third of Czechs ordered food at home. Of these, 90% of people value comfort; for 80% of those surveyed, availability, delivery speed and the taste of the ordered food are important.

We remind you that in the territory of the Czech Republic any catering establishments are closed from October 14, 2020 until the end of the state of emergency. Food delivery windows are open from 06:00 to 20:00 every day.

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Third of restaurants did not survive quarantine

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in the Czech Republic, a third of restaurants did not survive quarantine and were forced to close. Up to 50% of public catering enterprises face bankruptcy.

In this regard, Up Česká Republika will forgive all restaurants the commission fee until the end of this year.

“We understand that due to the current restrictions, many restaurants are on the verge of their existence. In addition to the measures already taken by the government to support them, we decided to take a decisive step – to cancel the commission fee by the end of this calendar year to all restaurants that cooperate with us”, – says Stefan Nicoletti, CEO of Up Česká Republika.