The Czech Republic asked for help from the European Union, as it cannot provide housing for all refugees

The number of refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic is still growing, and the country is already on the verge of its capabilities. More than 100,000 people have already registered with the Czech police, but according to preliminary data, there are already about 200,000 refugees in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic asked for help from the European Union and asks to provide housing for at least 50,000 people. At the moment, the Czech Republic is only able to provide refugees with emergency accommodation, which excludes comfortable accommodation.

By March 11, more than 130,000 visas had been issued to people from Ukraine. Of these, not only people who fled Ukraine after the Russian invasion, but also Ukrainians who stay in the Czech Republic for a longer time to work, study, but who are unable to return home. As previously reported, the Czech Republic can take no more than 250,000 people, however, an influx of refugees is still expected. Many of the refugees are now provided with housing in sports halls, which have all the necessary conditions for living. The leadership of the Prague City Council is looking for additional private accommodation for refugees from Ukraine in hotels, where prices have been reduced to 180 crowns per night for an adult and 100 crowns for a child. The government sees a partial solution to the problem in the correct distribution of people in all regions of the Czech Republic.

Since the possibilities of the state are running out, the Czech Republic can no longer be a target country for refugees from Ukraine. In the near future, places in gyms, exhibition centers and similar places will run out, and the construction of tent cities will begin in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic asked for help from the European Union in the provision of modular bases for refugees

Any new free place to accommodate refugees is filled within a few days. Despite the active work of volunteers and a plan to organize additional places to stay, the Czech Republic asked the EU to provide 25 modular bases to accommodate 50,000 people from Ukraine. These humanitarian modules are heated tents equipped with a power generator, a kitchen and facilities for basic social activities and will be connected to infrastructure near cities or municipalities. Also in the Czech Republic, they plan to start looking for places to build refugee camps.

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asked for help from the European Union