Прогнозы восстановления экономики после коронавируса

Economic recovery predictions after Coronavirus

2020 has become a very difficult year for the world economy, to put it mildly. Many countries have faced the most serious challenge in decades. And now, for more than eight months, everyone has to fight to “stay afloat”. This applies to representatives of business, and the economy at the state level, and the world...

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In 2019 a record of 813 thousand people applied for a Czech visa

Last year, 813 thousand people applied for a Czech visa, which is 13% more than in 2018. Most of the people are from Russia,...

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Water crisis

Global Warming and the Czech Economy

According to Deloitte Research Global Warming will be helpful for Czech Economy The increase in the average annual temperature...

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Дефицит бюджета

$74 billion budget deficit

If the abolition of super-gross wages is approved by parliament, most employees will receive several thousand more wages....

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Labor taxation and retirement benefits

The proposal for a one-time payment to pensioners in the amount of five thousand crowns and a reduction in personal income tax point to the negative consequences of budgetary policy easing. The National Budget Council announced this by in its regular quarterly report on Wednesday. According to him, the increase in the deficit to $...

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Corona crisis: economic results and prediction

Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected 213 countries and regions. And, in addition to the continuing danger of the spread of...

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Взрыв в Бейруте

Explosion in Beirut – economic consequences

The biggest economic crisis since 1990 overtook Lebanon in 2019. The country’s economy has been in decline in recent years,...

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USA and Iran – who will pay for it?

On the agenda of all news portals is the conflict between the US and Iran. News agencies in anticipation of new causes and...

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