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Ria money transfers through BitEffect system

The Ria payment system has existed since 1987. The company offers users convenient money transfers around the world. From the beginning of 2021, Ria money transfers are available in the BitEffect system. Users can make transfers from the Czech Republic in three directions: Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. Registration and verification in the BitEffect system You...

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euro money transfer

How to send Ria money transfer

With BitEffect, you can send Ria money transfer with cash payout. If you still don’t have a BitEffect account –...

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Business in the Czech Republic

Business in the Czech Republic will recover for more than a year

Business in the Czech Republic has certainly been hit by the pandemic. Reduction of employees, decrease in orders and income,...

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USA and Iran – who will pay for it?

On the agenda of all news portals is the conflict between the US and Iran. News agencies in anticipation of new causes and...

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mastercard money transfer penezni prevody

Money transfers to any MasterCard around the world

MasterCard is one of the most popular and widespread in the world. It belongs to the international type and pleases its owners with wide possibilities. MasterCard is constantly improving its payment system and developing its services for different segments of consumers so that everyone is satisfied. Many, using their credit card, do not always realize...

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How to make a money transfer without verification

With BitEffect, it is possible to send money transfers without verification worldwide . For registered users who have not...

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BitEffect company looking for agents

If you have an exchange office or if you want to offer your customers a money transfer service around the world- we are looking...

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Who is the leader in money transfers in Europe?

Europe is considered one of the most “advanced” regions of the world in terms of e-commerce. Here, almost everyone makes online...

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