Ropa v Česku

Oil in the Czech Republic: prices, stocks, supply and demand

Analysts fear a decline in demand for oil due to a slowdown in the global economy and not only. How changes in the market affect oil in the Czech Republic, let’s try to figure it out in this article. Market Forecasts Oil price forecast for 2023 lowered by Goldman Sachs. In early 2023, an oversupply...

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Czech economy in 2023

The Czech economy will suffer the most from the crisis in Europe. From the forecast of the European Commission, we see that the...

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money transfers in 2022

Money transfers in 2022 – current statistics

Today, money transfers are a natural and important process in the economy. The World Bank annually calculates the total amount of...

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Record high inflation in the Czech Republic since 1993

The Czech economy is going through difficult times. High inflation is breaking all records, and residents are acutely aware of...

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Cooperation between Europe and Kazakhstan

Coal export Europe intends to abandon Russian coal in response to the war in Ukraine. In preparation for an embargo on Russian coal, Europe is turning to non-traditional suppliers. One of these countries is Kazakhstan, which has already delivered a volume exceeding the 2021 figures. Thus, cooperation between Europe and Kazakhstan opens up new opportunities...

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CEFTAS a BitEffect

BitEffect is a member of the Czech fintech association CEFTAS

In October 2022, the BitEffect payment system becomes a member of the Czech fintech association CEFTAS, along with the largest...

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Пополнить украинскую карту в Чехии

How to send money to Ukraine

To send money to Ukraine from the Czech Republic through the BitEffect system is simple and very fast: You can send money to any...

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frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions from BitEffect customers

The BitEffect payment system is as simple and convenient as possible for each client, but questions may arise during...

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