money transfers in 2022

Money transfers in 2022 – current statistics

Today, money transfers are a natural and important process in the economy. The World Bank annually calculates the total amount of international transfers received between individuals around the world based on balance of payments data. The statistics include both private transfers to individuals and business, property or labor income transfers. Several factors influenced money transfers...

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CEFTAS a BitEffect

BitEffect is a member of the Czech fintech association CEFTAS

In October 2022, the BitEffect payment system becomes a member of the Czech fintech association CEFTAS, along with the largest...

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Пополнить украинскую карту в Чехии

How to send money to Ukraine

To send money to Ukraine from the Czech Republic through the BitEffect system is simple and very fast: You can send money to any...

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frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions from BitEffect customers

The BitEffect payment system is as simple and convenient as possible for each client, but questions may arise during...

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в Украину без комиссии

Money transfers to Ukraine WITHOUT COMMISSION

In connection with the martial law in Ukraine, more than 100,000 refugees have already arrived to the Czech Republic. Many want to help those in need, both in the Czech Republic and those who remain in their homeland in Ukraine. BitEffect does not want to stand aside either, and from March 11, 2022, all users...

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currency exchange office in Prague

New currency exchange office in Prague

Our partners have opened a currency exchange office in Prague Dear users of the BitEffect system and all residents of the Czech...

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Розыгрыш 10 000 крон

BitEffect announces the start of the 10000 krowns contest!

All users of the BitEffect payment system in 2021 become participants in the 10000 krowns contest. Users who have registered in...

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transfers Ria

Ria money transfers through BitEffect system

The Ria payment system has existed since 1987. The company offers users convenient money transfers around the world. From the...

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