Coronavirus in 2022 in the Czech Republic

The representative of the world health organization said that the coronavirus in 2022 may end. In the Czech Republic, the situation is improving. The number of cases of coronavirus infection is gradually decreasing. The first case of coronavirus infection was detected in the Czech Republic on March 1, 2020. Since that time, almost 4 million people have been infected, 40 thousand people have died. Almost 900 cases were identified on Easter Monday, but the number of tests also dropped.

Coronavirus in 2022 in the Czech Republic. Current data

According to statistics, on April 19, 2022, 748 patients with coronavirus were registered in Czech hospitals. More than 50 people are in serious condition. A week ago, the situation was much worse, twice as many people were hospitalized.

Since the beginning of the month, the epidemic in the Czech Republic has noticeably slowed down. As mentioned above, on Monday April 18, a record low number of infections was recorded, but it should be noted that only 7 vaccinations were made that day. In the Czech Republic, a public holiday was celebrated – Easter Monday. Fewer cases were registered only the day before, on April 17, when the figure was 750 people. Just a week ago, on Monday April 11, 4,736 coronavirus infections were recorded.

The number of tests done is also decreasing. On April 18, a total of 5784 tests were carried out. On average, in the Czech Republic, there are almost 140 people infected with coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants. It is about the number of cases per day. The worst figures are in Prague – more than 250 people. On the contrary, the best figures are in the Liberec Region (76 people), the Karlovy Vary Region (92 people) and the Moravian-Slaski Region (97 people).

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Coronavirus in 2022

Interactive maps with up-to-date figures

More detailed information on the number of daily illnesses, tests carried out and the development of the coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic and Europe can be found on Seznam’s interactive maps, which are updated every day. The maps are based on data from the Czech Ministry of Health. Click on the desired region or city of the Czech Republic and see more detailed information. In addition to the Czech Republic, data can be found for Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary. Official data comes from the respective ministries of these countries.