Work during coronavirus has changed a lot

The coronavirus pandemic and related measures have had a significant impact on the labor market and work of every person. How has work during coronavirus changed and what has changed in the labor market?

Due to the pandemic, people around the world are forced to adapt to new rules. Most people are looking for stable and flexible jobs at the same time. Work during coronavirus is in demand even among retirees.

An active surge in job search in the Czech Republic began at the end of winter. In February, before the tough March restrictions, twice as many candidates began responding to job vacancies than in the previous months.

The process of finding new employees is a real competition for candidates. March was the most commercially successful month for us in all thirteen years of our existence, “says Frantisek Budny, director of In March, the recruiting agency received 30% more requests from employers to fill vacancies than the usual average for all time.

After a year of restrictions, many no longer believe that their work can be stable. A number of small business owners are also quitting because it is no longer feasible for them to run a restaurant, hotel, hairdresser or small shop.

Out of a thousand people surveyed, every third person is forced to change jobs precisely because of the coronavirus. Only 12% of them want to return to their profession after all restrictions have been lifted.

Work during coronaviru

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Working from home will become the norm

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, some companies had frequent use of work-from-home opportunities. In 2020, “home office” has become a necessity for many employees around the world. Not only giant companies, but also medium and small businesses were forced to switch to “home office”. A survey by Profesia showed that a third of people don’t plan to work from home in the long term.

Nevertheless, this way of working has proven itself in many companies, and large, busy offices will soon become a thing of the past. A survey in some Czech companies showed that more than 30% of employees expect that in the future they will combine work at home and in the office.

The change even happened with face-to-face meetings and meetings, during the pandemic they were replaced by video conferencing.

We think that after the pandemic subsides, the work in the classic form will definitely not return. Previously, when someone could not attend the meeting, it was canceled or postponed. Now this is solved by online conference and video calls. Even if the meeting we decided to hold it in 15 minutes, almost everyone connects and participates in the video conference. “- added Michal Cherny from AudioPro.